A.Paul has been helping shape the techno sound in the last decades, with his raw, high energy sets and his never-ending flow of studio productions, either as A.Paul or his other aliases like Loudon Kleer or Beat Therapy. 30 years devoted to electronic music, made him one of the most versatile and prolific artists in the world.

His unique sound and technique, granted him a remarkable career so far,  in Portugal first (acclaimed by the public, being voted best Portuguese techno DJ for several years), and later pretty much all over the world, playing on some of the best mega events like Awakenings (Holland), Apokalypsa (Czech Rerpublic), Evolve (Canada), Nature One (Germany), Rock in Rio (Portugal), Syndicate (Germany), Ruhr-in-Love (Germany), Tecnolandia (Portugal), Aquasella (Spain), Liberty White (Belgium), Decibel (Holland) and clubs like Tresor, U60311, Lehmann, Butan (Germany), Fabrik, Moog , Makumba, Ind Copera, Row 14 (Spain), Perron, Panama, Poema (Netherlands), Rex, Inox (France), Locomia, Rocks,  Kremlin, Gare, Pacha (Portugal) and many many more…

His first record was released in 1995, followed by the creation of his two most acclaimed projects from the 90’s, Squeeze Records and Onh.Cet Records, where he released most of his music during that decade. In 2005, he started his new record label Naked Lunch, a bold project, featuring the best techno artists from the planet, with amazing feedback from DJs and fans ever since. 2012 sees the relaunch of Onh.Cet, joining his other projects Parallel 125, Dirty Ego, The Light e Xtractz. He also co-founds MPC with Cisco Ferreira (The Advent) and Michaelangelo, a vinyl distribution company.

A.Paul has released over 100 vinyl records, several mixed CD compilations released in labels like: Kombination Research, Synewave, Planet Rhythm, Italo Business, Pure Sonik, Theory, Mastertraxx, Beat Disaster, Yin Yang, Impact Mechanics, and has remixed artists such as The Advent, Ben Sims, Eric Sneo, Angel Alanis, Orlando Voorn, Damon Wild, DJ T-1000, Virgil Enzinger, Robert Armani, Dave The Drummer, DJ Preach, Mike Humphries, Spiros Kaloumenos, Torsten Kanzler, Bas Mooy, Housemaster Boyz and many more.


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