Buzz Goree

buzz goree aka clandestine

Buzz Goree start Djing at the early age of 13 in the city of Detroit- playing disco. By the age of 15 he made his first guest-appearances in Detroit’s historical venue “La’ Umos”.

1993 Buzz start Night Groove records, released and produced by the- names: “The House Squad” and “The Blowed Pimps” later he also worked with “Happy Records. The same year he met mike banks, join “Underground Resistance” and become a UR band member DJ.

Working with Mike Banks Buzz produced on the classic UR-Ztracks and The Swarn – released under the name “Remote”.In 2005 Buzz produced the famous UR battle pack for the use of scratch Dj’s around the world.

2002 Buzz establish Mixworks as a Detroit underground promotion company and booking agency. Mixworks hosts events and tours in the D and around the world.

2007 Mixworks become also a record label with the release of “Berlin Dub”. A strong success of Berlin Dub called up the next Mixworks releases Buzz produced and executive produced many of them.

Buzz Goree made DJ appearances all over the world – clubs and festivals If the true Detroit experience is what you seek Buzz will take you there with over 30 years of resume – making people dance.

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