Darryl G

darryl g

Started out with a love of music. That put together with just wanting some music mixed together on a Cassette Tape. Darryl G went into his bedroom with 2 pieces of Vinyl and learned how to mix by playing the music and recording it.

After a while he auditioned for WDRQ with one of those tapes. The Party Princess (Lisa Lisa) called and asked him to join the DRQDj Allstars. He met and began to work with Dj’s like John Collins & Stacey Hale. He also began the rounds making several appearances at local clubs doing guest spots and holding down several Different residencies.

His love of all different kinds of music continues to be a driving force behind the sound that Dj Darryl G brings to an event.

R  E  S  I  D  E  N  T  S