Dave Bate

dave bate

Dave was turned on to the right track from the early notorious S.I.N. Acid House warehouse parties of early Portland (1986-1990) dance scene and innovative KBOO shows that would push the envelope of “music”

Using that musical knowledge, in 1988, He started hosting several weekly FM Radio show’s, along with first warehouse event based DJ gig. Production work ensued at that point with access to Radio stations production studio.

Reel to Reel Edits were made, Music created , Labels were born, Radio shows were broadcasted…

Initially working at the influential 80’s Portland record store “The Ooze” and Soleilmoon Distribution that helped set Portland as one of the destinations for quality music.

In the early 1992, Fractal Rhythms record store was started and delivered un-compromised music to Portland, Seattle, San Francisco’s & LA’s most discerning DJ’s. Forging relationships directly with the best US and International Labels and Distributors, Fractal Rhythms provided the blueprint for the Portland’s unrelenting nod to the true jacks.

Fractal Rhythms joined forces with Tom Mitchell, owner of Seattle’s Renegade Records and Renegade Rhythms was formed, In 1995

Consistently providing the Foundation to the Portland Underground for the last 30 years. No Compromise!
Releases on Antenna International, ZE Records
owner of Ahuli, co-founder of Renegade Rhythms.

The Foundation
Sound …. Noise … Frequency … Rhythm … Soul


R  E  S  I  D  E  N  T  S