David C

david c

DJ David C. was born in Brooklyn New York to a music and dance loving Puerto Rican family.

He was surrounded, from an early age, by Latin, Soul, R&B, Doo Wop music and congas, bongos and singing. He often reflects on his father and brothers love of different genres of music and remembers, as a child, always looking through his dads and siblings records.

“When people ask me when was the first time that I began DJing? I always tell them that it was at our house parties. I reflect on how I spent so much time next to the record player carefully choosing the next several 45 RPM’s and LP’s to be played. And, without even knowing it, I was already programming music, combining different genres and expanding my knowledge of music.At the age of 10 he moved to Ravenswood Houses in Long Island City New York. “When I was about 12, some friends invited me to the park to listen to some DJ’s called the Disco Twins. I remember as I drew closer to the park, I could hear and feel the sound of the bass, the MC, who would shout out to the audience, and the energy of the people. I knew right there and then that this was what I wanted to do.

That same year, my dad borrowed money and purchased me 2 Rotel turntables and some speakers from a place called AST, and the rest is history.” David C. Attributes his knowledge, love and passion of music and style of playing to his early childhood. “It was there, in our apartment in Williamsburg Brooklyn and Long Island City that all of what I do, when standing in front of the decks began. “During one of my sets I’ll play music from any era, from the classic to the new. No era or genre is exempt in any of my sets. I love to use elements from different tracks to create layers, effects and power in the mix. Through my diversity and variety of music I strive to make my sound and story more than one dimensional. I’m very traditional, using little to no effects.

My music is is what I use to paint my canvas. “I love bringing people together with the common goal of togetherness and joy through music.” Some of David’s inspirations are the Disco Twins, Marley Marl, Dr. Bob Lee, Ray “Pinky” Velazquez, Larry Levan, David Mancuso, Tony Humphries, Tom Savarese, Tom Moulton, Tee Scott, Walter Gibbons, Francois K, Danny Krivit, Todd Terry, Kerri Chandler, Louie Vega and Joe Clausell. “I also would like to thank all of the DJ’s who have worked with me, and everyone involved in creating a song and bringing it to life”. Some of David C’s goals are to begin producing music, host his own regularly scheduled party and obtain a residency.

He has performed many mobile parties from weddings to graduations and everything in between and has also worked some small bars and venues throughout NYC. One of David C.’s most recent projects is performing at the Major League Baseball All Star Game Fan Fest Event. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, he has no physical residency at the moment. He is currently working on some virtual projects and has a Friday night house music show, A virtual Sunday Salsa show a virtual vinyl classics show and a virtual residency on TECHNO-CLUB.NET.

I am learning how to use DAW’s and am learning how to produce music. At the moment my future project are to begin producing music and fine tune the business aspect of my music career.


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