Emanuel Eisbrenner was born into a family of artists in the Lüneburg, Germany. Creativity, art and music were born in his cradle. His father Norbert Eisbrenner, who worked with other musicians in the “ZODIAC” in Berlin in the early 60’s-70’s on the development of “free music”, had a great influence on Emanuel’s musical development.
At the tender age of seven, he wanted a Yamaha keyboard. This was soon followed by Comodore C-64, synthesizer Roland D-10 and Amiga 500 and so he made his first experiences with MIDI, sampling and sequencing in a playful way.
When a friend of his parents, a DJ, showed Emanuel the film “Beat Street”, the spark finally jumped over. He got himself an 8 track mixer, connected all sound sources (computer, CD, tape, TV, keyboard) and started his sound experiments.
After he finished school he went on a six month trip to India. With a bunch of mix tapes full of sound collages in his luggage, he experienced his first techno parties. As if by chance, he ended up at an open air in Bombay behind the DJ desk and Boom – that was it. He has now played at parties in Goa, Bombay and Puna. Emanuel was infected with the DJ virus.


Emanuel went back to Germany, got himself two Technics turntables, a DJ mixer and bought his first vinyl. He got his first residence in a club in Dortmund, the Orpheum.
He moved to Berlin and was touring home and abroad under his pseudonym DJ Mouliko. Inspired by the Berlin underground techno scene, he changed his music style from acid to techno. From now on he no longer plays under a pseudonym. DJ Eisbrenner was born.
After four years, hanging up wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to give techno its own note. And so he began to produce his first tracks with his best friend and DJ colleague Gianni Vitiello. The old machines from his parents’ cellar formed the basis.
They reached a limit that they could not crack. Eisbrenner decided that he wanted to know more about music production and go deeper into the core of sound engineering and sound generation.
In 2000 Eisbrenner went to the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) and began his training as a sound engineer. His thesis was on “Analog Sound Synthesis”.
5 years later Eisbrenner presented his first live act. A period of live performance began and he began to perfect his sound.
Eisbrenner met the Tresor family in 2008 and became a resident artist. Just two years later he founded the project “Subdealers” with Mad Max (club manager from Tresor and DJ). They worked together with international artists such as Aux88, Claude Jung, Takasi, Blake Baxter, Abe Duke, Dave Tarida, Scan7, Funk’d Void.


DJ Eisbrenner has his first vinyl pressed. He also made first contact with the “Detroit Techno Militia”. Tom Lindner and DJ Seoul play his tracks in their “2 on 4” DJ sets. They invite DJ Eisbrenner to come to Detroit and play at the 20th anniversary of the “Bangtech 12” party. He immediately falls in love with the people and their city.
Already next year he will be returning to Detroit with his second vinyl in his luggage. Again he inspires with his authenticity and his skill on the turntables. Now two hearts beat in his chest: Berlin and Detroit.
In the meantime Eisbrenner works a lot in his own studio and as a sound engineer in the safe. It is the third time to see his family in Detroit. He dives deeper and deeper into techno. Berlin and Detroit are not just cities, but his home.
In the fourth year he not only plays in Detroit, but also starts his tour on the west coast of Sanfrancisco, Oakland, Tacoma, Seatle and back. Afterwards he concentrates entirely on the music and reduces the work as a technician to a minimum. DJ Eisbrenner releases his third vinyl and booked the next flight to Detroit.
He is ready for anything but will be slowed down by the pandemic in March 2020. The clubs are closing, the flight to Detroit is canceled and the project with Jacket Kirsch, Alphaville’s drummer, is also on hold.

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