Kim Cosmik

kim cosmik

Kim Cosmik started as a DJ for festival sound systems Sprial Tribe and Bedlam, playing at some of the most amazing free parties all over the U.K and europe.

Her first singles were released though her own label Void Records along with fellow band member Blaze and in partnership with Hotmix / Bunker records in Holland. Void was later signed to Matador EMI and also collaborated with Dj Damage and Dylan at Spectrum Audio (drum and bass projects).

Kim Cosmik has played with many amazing artists such as Lory D, Leo Anibaldi, Aztek, Colin Dale, Jumping Jack Frost, Grant Rephlex, Serge Clone, Aleksi Perala, Andy Turner and ADJ. She also played at the ledgendary Knowledge club at S.W.1 London. Kim Cosmik is now a resident of The Dodo Club and Xcero along with her own event, Hybrid launched last summer 2019.

Kim Cosmik is currently releasing music through her own label Cybersoul on Bandcamp as well as with a variety of labels such as Studio Rockers, Crobot Music, Touched Music, Earthlings, Urban Distotions, Section 27, Bass Agenda and an album soon to be released by Diffuse Reality.

R  E  S  I  D  E  N  T  S