Latin Soldier

Latin Soldier

Latin Soldier aka Frequenzberater Carsten Stäcker is one of Hamburg City’s DJ Pioneers in the Genvre of Electronic Music since 1986,

Carsten quit School at the Age of 18 to start his Job at Network Press – Germany’s first Real Dance Music Magazin hosting the DMC Mix Club UK were he got to know Dj’s like Chad Jackson or Cash Money who won the World Championships at the Royal Albert Hall in 1987 and 1988.

Inspired by these DJ Skills he decided to become a Dj himself starting the Phuture Garden
Partys in 1988 were they played Acid and Chicago House , New Beat , Records he could not play at his regular Residencies.

In the mid 90tees he became a Dj Promoter at Club Tools Records starting to work at
Warner Music Publishing as an A & R for a decade, being response for the Electronic Music Departement

In 1999 he grounded Frequenzwerkstatt / Frequenzberater Collective
Hosting Claude Young as Resident Dj together with Maurizo Schmitz who became Head of Cocoon Booking.Together they organized every Cocoon Event incl. Sven Väth Party’s in the City of Hamburg until 2014 while getting deeper into working on Production:

Co-working with Lothar Manteufel , Partner of Karl Bartos at Elektric Music.
Anthony Rother, Gregor Trescher , Billy Nasty, Peter Schuhmann Gabriel Le Mar ,The Repicant , Apollo 3D, Steve Schroyder from Tangerine Dream: Christoph Rink his Production Partner aka Kato who he released the Vinyls with:

Releasing on Data Punk Records as Datapunk Rockers
Frequenzberater – Remember Me ( remixed by The Advent ),
The Witness, Our Galaxy, Covette, EP and Compilation Tracks on PSI City.

As Dj playing alongside Jeff Mills ,Octave One, , Laurent Garnier , Richie Hawtin, Dave Clark, Kevin Sanderson. Ellen Alien, Carl Craig, Joey Beltram, Daniel Bell, The Advent, Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Adam Beyer, The Horrorist, Dinky, Dj Bone, Magda spinning’ around Europe and his Hometown Club La Cova.

In 2021 Becoming Resident at TechnoClubNet on Elektro Fridays and Techno Saturdays at Cisco Ferreira’s Blackroom, once a Month, broadcasting DJ Sessions from the Latin Soldier Studios.

Releasing The Frequenzberater 6 Track EP on Deffuse Reality in 2022 as a Restart for his Elektro passion.

R  E  S  I  D  E  N  T  S