Oliver Way

oliver way


EPM’s co-founder and one half of the Detroit Grand Pubahs, Oliver Way has spent the best part of a quarter century promoting and pushing other artists, currently managing Robert Hood, Floorplan, Eddie Fowlkes, James Ruskin & Mark Broom.

Oliver has been a recognised figure in the Techno scene for some time. As a DJ since 1991 when he began working a record shop called Bass Box (owned by legendary rave organisation Raindance), and later subsequently releasing under his own name in 1998 on Urban Substance Records before joining the Electro / Techno / Funk outfit Detroit Grand Pubahs in 2002. Taking up the pseudonym (The Mysterious) Mr O he produced alongside Paris the Black FU for their own label Detelefunk label. More recently he has collaborated with Ben Long (Space DJz) on numerous releases and provided remixes for labels like Torque, Engineroom, Beard Man and BulletDodge Records.

His debut solo album was released in 2018 titled ‘From The Shadows’ on the EPM Music imprint.

R  E  S  I  D  E  N  T  S