Tasha first made her name as a DJ in the drum & bass community, with her mixes being aired by DJ Flight on BBC 1Xtra and Storm making her resident at her Feline night, she became a firm part of the community, going onto play regularly at Renegade Hardware and across Europe. A dedicated head to the core, her exploratory experiences raving at London’s techno nights, being behind the counter, selling records at BM Soho and listening to more techno started to make their way into her sets and radio shows when she started out with her residency on Rinse FM. Radio has been a backbone of Tasha’s approach as a DJ – expressing her appreciation for electronic music over the course of 4 years on Rinse FM followed by a 3 year residency on Radar Radio.

Tasha’s DJing style matches this textured background of her influences and has developed into a master-flow of form – weaving tunes together seamlessly from her bass informed home of the UK alongside four four techno forms born in Berlin and Detroit. With an accomplished and atmospheric hold on the dancefloor, her sound is wholly affecting and has taken her to some of the best festivals and clubs in key cities around the world from London to Australia, including Tresor, Glastonbury, Bestival and is a regular at fabric and Corsica Studios.

Tasha also made her name as an event programmer within electronic music when she began to promote parties at the much-revered venue Plastic People in East London. Her first venture was a co-promotion called Medium that was started in 2007 by a trio of like minds, including her good friend Sigha, where they would book multi-genre parties and alternative sets at a time when this type of programming was almost unheard of.

It was in Dec 2010 when she decided to go it alone at Plastic People and started her own concept called ‘Neighbourhood’, for Tasha to book techno artists who she believes in and loves without compromise from different Neighbourhoods, including artists such as Pangaea, Pariah, Ben Sims, Neil Landstrumm, Zenker Brothers, Henning Baer, Stenny, John Swing.  The Neighbourhood concept has gone on to host parties at many clubs of note, including Pickle Factory, a collaboration with Ben Sims Machine party and Jaded at Corsica Studios, and hosting The Dome at popular Field Maneuvers festival. Plus Goldie invited Neighbourhood to host room 2 at the mighty Metalheadz events when they were at Cable club. Tasha has made a lasting impression on many artists she has booked both with her sets and her parties.

In 2016 Tasha launched the label Neighbourhood with Randomer, Cadans, Kamikaze Space Programme, Metrist and Forest Drive West all featuring to date.

The last couple of years have seen Tasha begin to share her own studio workings with the world, working keenly in the studio behind the scenes, she’s been busy refining her sound. Her debut track landed on the save fabric compilation in 2016 with her next coming is on UK techno king Ben Sim’s massive compilation, ‘Tribology’.

In an industry where artists are asked to prioritize their art for social media presence, likes and other vacuous pursuits, Tasha is very much in demand for her ‘music first’ attitude, selection and ability.

A refreshing outlook and positive future awaits the DJ, producer, promoter and label owner.


R  E  S  I  D  E  N  T  S