The Fallen

the fallen

Two long-time producers and DJs join forces to bring their combined techno sound to the masses.

James Johnson (aka Plural) and Kevin Kennedy (aka FBK) have many successful solo releases between the two of them, both releasing on seminal Detroit labels like Frictional and Metroplex, but also releasing vinyl for highly respected imprints like MDR Diffuse Reality, Diametric, and Seperate Skills. Their combined talents have made an appearance on French imprint Decision Making Theory with the EP titled “Stick Yo Self Fool” which garnered support from contemporaries such as Ben Sims, Chris Liebing, DVS1 and many others.

Iron sharpens iron, and their shared passion for music created “…the best live act I’ve seen…” -Terrence Dixon

Plural’s low-end rumble and drum programming and FBK’s sample deconstrution and synth tweaking partner together to create a sound that is unique, fluid and extremely danceable. Stemming from their roots as live performers, each track is recorded live in one take-relying on feel and energy rather than pre-programmed tricks. This level of power and energy can be heard on their recent recording on Knotweed Records, recently highly reviewed in Resident Advisor. Their live shows are frenetic, unplanned affairs that showcase the abilities of two brothers-in-arms listening to each other and making on-the-spot decisions on where to venture next.

As a tag-team/B2B duo, they are just as frenetic. Two highly skilled performers who utilize their highly prolific solo outputs to its greatest effect-leaving crowds breathless and wanting more.

R  E  S  I  D  E  N  T  S