Thomas Barnett

thomas Barnett



Thomas Barnett is a musician, DJ, songwriter, producer, & remixer born and raised in Detroit.  His early work as a founding member of the ground-breaking group, Rhythim is Rhythim, contributed to and helped establish the signature sound of Detroit Techno.  In early 1987, when he was still a teenager, Barnett released “Nude Photo” on Transmat Records, which unknowingly secured his place in dance music history.  He also has many releases using different aliases like Groove Slave, Subterfuge, Paris, & Four313 (with Blake Baxter).  Barnett’s music has appeared in commercials, movies, clubs, radio, an adult film, and his hit “Do Bionics Crystalize?” appeared on Richie Hawtin’s groundbreaking CD/DVD titled “DE9 Transitions” released by Nova Mute. Working in the studio & running his own label, Visillusion Records (started in 1996), keeps him busy when he is not out on the road DJing. Appearing on these labels, amongst others, since his first release at the ripe young age of 19 years old (in early 1987)… Transmat (USA), Visillusion (USA), Audiomatique (GERMANY), Novamute (UK), Pychothrill (GERMANY), Eclipse (UK), Submerge (USA), Plastic (FRANCE), Climax (GERMANY), PIAS (HOLLAND), Infonet (UK), Creation (UK), React (UK), Antler-Subway (BELGIUM), Warp (UK), Sublime (JAPAN), Apricot Records/BMG (FRANCE), Columbia (JAPAN), Prime (HOLLAND), CNR Music (BELGIUM), Jive Electro (USA), Serious Records (UK), Kool Kat Music (UK), Plexi Limited (UK), Filth/Arista (UK & EUROPE), Volume (UK), Cratesavers International (USA), Red Robot Records (UK), D Records (USA), Xenology Records (Scotland, UK), The Label (USA)…

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