Abdul Qadim Haqq

abdul qadim haqq

Abdul Qadim Haqq (born December 24, 1968), also known as Haqq and The Ancient, is an American visual artist who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is considered Detroit’s number one ambassador of art for world-renowned techno music artists.

Haqq’s artwork is featured worldwide on classic records by Detroit Techno record labels, namely the records of Juan Atkins, Metroplex, Derrick May, Transmat, Underground Resistance, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig. Abdul Qadim Haqq has been serving the techno music community through Techno Visual Art since 1989. His artwork continues to inspire fans all over the world.
Haqq, founder of Third Earth Visual Arts,bases his futuristic concepts on time travel.

His love for fantasy art was inspired by childhood pastimes such as watching sci-fi and Japanese animation. “Japanese cartoons were all I watched when I was a kid, like Speed Racer, Battle of the Planets and Robotech,” says Haqq. “I watched them constantly; I never missed an episode” As a youth growing up in Detroit, Haqq was often sick from asthma and had to stay in the house, which caused him to spend a considerable portion of his time watching science fiction and fantasy shows on TV. These in turn led him to create and illustrate his own stories. Haqq majored in graphic illustration at the College for Creative Studies, originally called the Center for Creative Studies, in Detroit. After graduating in 1991, he committed himself to working as a futurist artist, and remains dedicated to Detroit Techno Art today.

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